Distinguished Army Veteran Marjorie K. Eastman Launches Campaign for U.S. Senate In North Carolina

CARY, NC – Combat veteran, award-winning author, and entrepreneur Marjorie K. Eastman announced today she is running for U.S. Senate in North Carolina to represent the people of the Tar Heel State and provide frontline leadership in Washington.  

“For me, my first tour of duty started when I enlisted after 9/11. Watching the Biden administration’s complete and utter failure exiting Afghanistan infuriated me as a servicemember who fought there, and I knew it was time to stand up and fight again. I am stepping into the arena to be North Carolina’s next U.S. Senator because this is a tour of duty for me,” said Eastman. “We must end the era of career politicians collecting taxpayers’ money while doing nothing to better our country or our state. And, I make the pledge immediately to honor term limits. Unlike career politicians, I am not beholden to special interest groups or party bosses. North Carolina deserves a frontline leader, and I will fight for them and remain mission focused. 

“From cyber-attacks that lead to gas shortages, to inflation, the rise in crime, to our border crisis, and aggression from America’s adversaries across the globe, it’s clear we need a leader who understands national security and knows how to address each challenge. America has what it takes to win the 21st century, and I believe North Carolina is the North Star for our nation,” Eastman continued.  

Eastman enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve and received the rare honor of being awarded a direct commission within her first two years of service. She served a total of ten years predominantly as an intelligence officer and commander. Her final duty was to lead more than one hundred soldiers in Afghanistan in the successful completion of their mission, and safely return them home. Eastman was ranked the #1 Military Intelligence Company Commander in Eastern Afghanistan for the deployment cycle of 2009-2010, awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service as a combat commander and received the Combat Action Badge. 

“I am the only political outsider, veteran, and woman in this race. For far too long, politicians have recklessly spent while our families and friends struggled to make ends meet. It is time to forge a path out of this pandemic that focuses on accelerating growth and helping our children regain momentum in their education,” Eastman concluded. 

Eastman is a national independent award-winning author of, The Frontline Generation: How We Served Post 9/11, and she is recognized across the country for her advocacy work supporting veterans and the military community. She has considerable leadership experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors, and is a champion of  entrepreneurship. The Junior Chamber International (JCI) USA named Eastman as a recipient of the 2019 Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award. She has her Masters Degree in International Security from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies and her MBA from Vanderbilt University, Owen Graduate School of Management.