Marjorie K. Eastman Announces Over $420,000 in Major Q4 Fundraising Haul

Eastman is the Party Crasher Shaking Up U.S. Senate Race in NC

Cary, NC – Combat veteran and political outsider Marjorie K. Eastman announced she raised $422,978 in just 13 weeks since the launch of her campaign for the U.S. Senate in North Carolina. This is a strong fundraising haul that includes more than 1,000 total donations to the campaign – more than half of which are from North Carolinians. The other donations are from her many friends and veteran supporters around the country. The number of total donations to her race are more than the number of total donations to Ted Budd in his first two quarters combined, more donations than Pat McCrory’s first quarter, and more total donations than all of Mark Walkers’ previous quarters combined as reported by the FEC. After an extremely impressive first-time fundraising quarter that rivals donation levels the seasoned politicians in the race have shown, Eastman knows what the pundits don’t yet: “this race is far from decided.”

“Traveling throughout North Carolina I hear from voters that they want another choice in this race. They no longer wish to pick from a slate of tired career politicians who have decades of baggage and IOUs,” said Marjorie K. Eastman. “I am proud to have the strongest number of overall donations to my campaign because it shows that momentum and the grassroots are on our side. I might be a political newcomer and many think this a three-man race, but my message is resonating with voters and the number of donations to my campaign proves that. Our country is in a crisis because we have a lack of leadership in Washington. We can no longer settle for the status quo. It’s time to send a servant-leader with a fresh voice to the U.S. Senate. I will continue to out-work my opponents because North Carolina deserves to have a Frontline Leader fighting for them in Washington.”

Breakdown of total donations to each campaign:

Ted Budd had 79 individual donations in his first quarter and 466 in his second quarter.

Pat McCrory had 834 individual donations in his first quarter.

Mark Walker only received 161 individual donations in his first quarter, 246 in his second quarter, and 134 individual donations in his third quarter.

Marjorie K. Eastman received 1,026 total donations in just 13 weeks.

Visit Marjorie K. Eastman’s website here:

You can follow along with Marjorie on the campaign trail on Facebook @marjoriekeastman, Twitter @MarjorieKEastmn and Instagram @marjoriekeastman.

Marjorie K. Eastman is a combat veteran and a military spouse. She supported her husband’s distinguished military career in special operations. She lives in Cary with her husband, Charles, their beloved son, Henk, and several shelter rescue pets.