Marjorie K. Eastman Launches Ad on Veterans Day

As the only political outsider, combat veteran, and woman in the race, Eastman shares her message to our Veterans on Veterans Day

Cary, NC – Distinguished combat veteran Marjorie K. Eastman is on the campaign trail today focusing on our veteran communities in North Carolina, showing her appreciation for our service members on this Veterans Day. The Eastman campaign is also out with a new statewide digital ad featuring the soldiers that fought alongside her in Afghanistan. The ad shows her fellow soldiers describing what it was like to serve alongside Marjorie and her leadership under the most perilous situations.

Eastman’s intelligence sergeant Giovanni Bennett emphasized that, “Marjorie showed noticeable compassion, fairness, and support for the soldiers she led” while another team leader, Chief Richard Groff said, “Marjorie only made decisions as my company commander that would better the entire team.” Unit supply sergeant Harry “Mac” McAllister ended the segment with the following statement, “It was an honor to serve with Marjorie Eastman.”

“On this Veterans Day I want to thank all the brave men and women who have served our exceptional nation,” said Eastman. “It was my honor to fight for our country in combat and now I know my next fight is to bring Frontline Leadership for North Carolina to Washington. Our citizens have a sacred bond with our men and women in uniform and I will ensure our government keeps its promises to those who serve. When I’m elected to the U.S. Senate, protecting our veterans will be my top priority because our veteran community has earned and deserves the utmost respect.”

Eastman continued: “I am deeply appreciative of the soldiers that fought alongside me in Afghanistan to take the time to share their personal stories of what it was like serving together. Leadership, integrity and duty mean something to me. I am humbled by their vote of confidence on this Veterans Day.”

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Marjorie K. Eastman is a combat veteran and a military spouse. She supported her husband’s distinguished military career in special operations. She lives in Cary with her husband, Charles, their beloved son, Henk, and several shelter rescue pets.