Marjorie K. Eastman Launches New Ad Ahead of May 17th Primary

Cary, NC – Combat veteran, business leader and political outsider Marjorie K. Eastman is launching a new ad today ahead of the May 17th primary. The ad, which will target Republican and Unaffiliated voters digitally, focuses on the mudslinging coming from the career politicians in the race instead of solutions. Eastman provides voters with a clear picture that there are two choices in this race: career politicians and a proven leader who has gotten results.

“This election is more important than ever and our state deserves more than career politicians slinging mud at each other. North Carolina deserves a Senator that will solve the real problems facing our country like inflation, border security and keeping our country safe from foreign adversaries,” said Eastman. “It is the definition of insanity to think career politicians can fix the mess they created in Washington. I urge all Republican and Unaffiliated voters to come out and vote for me in the May 17th primary because we need to send a proven leader who will honor and fight for term limits to ensure our representative isn’t beholden to political insiders and special interests in our nation’s capital.”


Marjorie K. Eastman: “It’s one thing for little boys to play in the mud, but when you’re running for the US Senate, it’s embarrassing.

I’m Marjorie Eastman – a conservative, a businesswoman, a combat veteran, and most importantly, a mom.

And like you, I am sick and tired of career politicians.

They are more interested in slinging mud at each other than solving real problems like inflation, border security and protecting America.

It’s why we need term limits which I will honor and fight for.

If you are a Republican or Unaffiliated, I ask for your vote in the May 17th primary.

Let’s leave the mudslinging to them and the problem solving to us.”

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You can follow along with Marjorie on the campaign trail on Facebook @marjoriekeastman, Twitter @MarjorieKEastmn and Instagram @marjoriekeastman.

Marjorie K. Eastman is a combat veteran and a military spouse. She supported her husband’s distinguished military career in special operations. She lives in Cary with her husband, Charles, their beloved son, Henk, and several shelter rescue pets.