Marjorie K. Eastman Wins 1st U.S. Senate Debate in North Carolina

Cary, NC – Combat veteran and political outsider Marjorie K. Eastman joined the debate stage today in Raleigh and showed the voters of North Carolina that she is the right choice to send to Washington. After months meeting voters throughout the state and an impressive 4th quarter fundraising haul that showed she raised over $423,000 from over 1,000 individual donations in 13 weeks, Eastman is crashing the Republican Party because North Carolinians need a fighter, not a career politician in the U.S. Senate.

“I was honored to stand on the debate stage today and share my vision for North Carolina,” said Eastman. “I served my country with two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I am ready to serve my country once again to be North Carolina’s voice in the U.S. Senate. This race is now a clear choice between career politicians who are looking for a promotion, and me – a battle tested leader who wants to serve. I am the only mother, combat veteran and political outsider in this race who also took a pledge to honor term limits. Voters are tired of the same empty rhetoric from career politicians. As I travel this state, I am meeting with thousands of voters who want a fresh perspective, a leader who can restore trust and is not beholden to anyone but ‘We the people.’ I want to thank the Carolina Journal, the John Locke Foundation and ABC 11 for hosting this wonderful debate and I look forward to sharing many future debate stages so voters can see they have a real choice in the upcoming primary election.”

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Marjorie K. Eastman is a combat veteran and a military spouse. She supported her husband’s distinguished military career in special operations. She lives in Cary with her husband, Charles, their beloved son, Henk, and several shelter rescue pets.